Calling is easy

Step 1:
Press "Call Now"
Step 2:
Your phone rings
Step 3:
You pick up
Step 4:
Her phone rings
Step 5:
She answers and you’re connected
Step 6:
Talk about whatever you want!
How does it work?

Press “Call Now”. Your phone rings. When you pick up, we call the girl. She picks up and you’re connected immediately. It’s that simple!

No operator. No callback. We charge you per minute for as long as you talk. As soon as one of you hangs up, the billing stops.

What about the free minutes?

Just create an account and place a call! The first 3 minutes are free.

No Limits

We don’t place any restrictions on what you can talk about. Each girl may have limits of her own, so check her profile, or send her a text before you call.

We never listen to your calls, so whatever you say is strictly between you and the girl you’re talking to.

Real Voice Clips

You want to know what the girl sounds like before you call, right? All of our profiles have voice clips, so you always know what she sounds like. And you can trust that the girl you’re calling is going to be the girl who actually answers the phone. No bait and switch!

No Spam

We never sell your information, or spam you with offers from other companies.

No one ever sees your name or personal information, so you know it’s always safe.

How does texting work?

When you click “Text”, you’ll receive a welcome text message on your phone and you can start texting back and forth with that profile.

Each text message is 50¢. You won’t get charged for each text until the other person responds.

👉 If you want to start texting again later, you don’t have to go back to the site, you can just keep texting from your phone.

What if I want to stop receiving texts?

You can always toggle “Enable Texting” on or off in your settings.

On a desktop computer, it’s at the menu on the top of the screen.


If you’re on a mobile device, clicking on the icon at the upper right corner of the screen. This will open your main menu and you should see “Enable Texting” at the bottom.

Texting will remain disabled until you turn it back on, or initiate texting with a particular profile.

If you want to stop texting with a particular profile, you can simply reply “STOP” in the text thread. You won’t be charged for the text and you won’t receive any more text messages from that profile, unless you re-initiate texting.

What happens if a girl doesn’t respond to my text?

Unfortunately, sometimes girls are busy and can’t respond. When this happens, you won’t be charged for those texts, even if she responds later.

What if I have some sort of other problem?

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to